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Monday, June 3, 2013

Product Review: Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30 Sunscreen andAfter Sun Lotion

I was one of the lucky ones chosen by one of my favourite Mommy blogs Stephanie from to test and review the new Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF 30 Sunscreen as well as the new Silk Hydration After Sun Moisturizer. 
I was thrilled as anyone who knows me can attest not only am I a Sun Baby but I'm also a die hard Product Junki, that's right I have an addiction to products, ALL products lol! 

My package arrived just in time for the unseasonably warm May weather we had this year, we were lucky in SW Ontario.  I set out on my gutter garden project (in progress, stay tuned) and in true productjunki style, slathered on my favourite Hawaiian tropic sun screen. I've used Hawaiian Tropic for years and years and this new formula did NOT disappoint! 

The new Silk Hydration formula has ribbons of moisturizer wrapped in the SPF goodness i'm used to.   The name could not be more accurate. It was silky heaven slathering it all over my skin. My favourite aspect of Hawaiian Tropic is it's no fail scent.  It smells like the sweetest tropical flowers think... Plumeria and Aloe all wrapped around the juiciest tropical fruit like Papaya, Mango and Guajava fruit.. Hawaiian Tropic never disapoints in the scent department that's one thing you can count on.  The other thing you can count on is protection.  I did not burn once all weekend working outside on my garden project.
With SPF of 30 I applied 20 minutes before venturing outside and 3 hours and 6 hours later after a rest in the shade 

 My skin had been slightly on the dry side from a long harsh winter and this lotion went on silky smooth hydrating my parched skin instantly! It absorbed beautifully leaving my skin hydrated but NOT greasy which is very important to me. 

After about 9 hours outside on this day and applying the lotion every 3 hours I am so happy to report not one sign of being burnt!

I can also attest that my skin felt hydrated the rest of the day, in true Mommy form, after my gardening  project, although tired and sweaty, i had no time to take a shower with my 22 month old running around. It was about 15 hours later that i was able to have a much needed shower. 

Once i was cleaned, immediately out of the shower I slathered on the Silk Hydration after sun lotion. As I'm the kind of skin who can stand a lot of sun, and not look burnt until hours later or even the next day.  Not knowing if I had been outside too long I dutifully covered every inch of skin and it was such a pleasure to do!  Hawaiian Tropic swirled ribbons of it's signature scent into the after sun lotion! it glided on effortlessly and absorbed almost immediately, the Mango, Shea and Coca butter nourish the skin so intensely it's absolutely amazing with a long lasting light tropical scent with non stop hydration! I did have to re-apply in the morning as my skin felt a little dry, but through ought the day it kept my dry skin supple. 

I might be biased as i've been a Hawaiian Tropic girl my whole life (Think back to the days when we used to slather our skin with that dark brown luscious dark tanning oil.. with like SPF of 2 or 4 **GASP** lol oh how i miss the 80's :)

I found the aftersun lotion good enough to use and replace my regular after shower moisturizer for the summer at least. I really really enjoy the scent and the new formula works well with my skin. 

Come back and read more about my Hawaiian Tropic Summer adventures.  The family will be hitting up Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba in July and Hawaiian Tropic definitely has some real estate in my luggage!! I can trust that Hawaiian Tropic will protect my skin all through another summer. 

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen SPF 30 and Silk Hydration after sun lotion are must have's for the summer and are absolutely @ProductJunki approved!

Stay tuned and Stay lovely
- Undercover product junkie
**Give me my fixxx**

*note that the opinions expressed in this blog are all mine and have only been influenced by personal use and evaluation of this product.  In some cases I may have received the product free of charge for evaluation purposes, however no financial compensation. 


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