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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Where have you been all my life Zevia!!??

On my quest to get healthy and eat real food I cut out a lot of products that I used to consume that led me to be on this quest to get healthy mainly carbs. If you don't know sugar is basically a carbohydrate, and what your body doesn't use for energy it stores as fat. Trust me I know, I have a lot of it ;)

One of my weaknesses is my sweet tooth.. Chocolate, cake, sweets, pastry and pop.  Pop, Cola, Soda or what ever you call that sugary, fizzy drink has just as much carbs as it does sugar.. Coming in at, at least 47g.  Just so you have an idea of how much that is... 

My daily allowance for carbs is 20-25g so  that one can of soda is two days worth of carbs and I wonder why Ive packed on the pounds and can't lose weight!

I officially cut the sugary beverage from my life.  It was hard. Especially with everyone drinking and demanding it in my house! After the initial sugar detox and awareness on how not necessary it is, I've gotten out of the habit. Not to say I never drink it, I do, there's just something refreshing about those fizzy bubbles sometimes. I have a pop about once a month now. I have a slight reaction every time I have my first gulp, sort of a hiccup/burp reflux, silly I know but it happens every time!

Going out for drinks is also a bummer when you are cutting sugar and carbs. While liquor has little carbs, anything you mix with it to make it palatable is full of them! I'm not much of a beer person, but we can see that one night out could sabotage the best of diet-tensions. Not to mention the obligatory sloppy poutine at 3am diet done. Set back for months! 

Having displaced my self from that scene in effort to get control of my weight again, it became easier to forget about Pop. Now I had heard of this product called Zevia but not knowing anything about it never thought to find out, thinking it must be a diet product chock full of things worst than sugar and carbohydrates. Things like aspartame. The toxic gmos and substances Splenda the stuff diet sodas and gum is made with. 
No thank you!

Apparently I was wrong. 
The people at Zevia reached out to me and I think I've found heaven! 
Zevia is an all natural Organic 0 calorie sugar free smart fizzy beverage with only 4g of carbs!! 

Crazy right!? 

It comes in 15 different flavours all the ones you are use to like cola, lime, black cherry, orange, cream soda, grape root beer and ginger! No! I'm not even kidding!! 

Diabetics and dieters delight! 

Now Zevia isn't new. It hasn't just come out. They've been around since 2007 but are just recently starting to make a come back and grow in the Canadian market and I think they've picked the perfect time. Zevia is about to become a front runner in the beverage industry. 

I'm ecstatic Zevia reached out to me, it's as though they felt the struggle we have with soda in this house. Like they know it's the natural pop me and my family have been craving! Like they know Im trying to go GMO free and that Im a product junki... oh wait thats on my twitter :) I am so excited that they're sending me a case! 

Zevia is sweetened naturally from the stevia plant and with 4g of carbs per can, I may be able to enjoy some fizz more frequently without the guilt!

I am eagerly waiting to see what flavours will be sent! And to crack open a cold one on a hot day, hear those fizzy little bubbles frolicking in the tin can and gulp it down, after my initial hicburp that is!


Delicious and satisfying! You have to drink this for the first time with the understanding that it is NOT commercial Pop. It's not syrupy sweet. Fantastic fizz! Depending on the flavour you'd never know it wasn't bad for you! 

I was sent a mixed 6 pack:
Lemon Lime Twist
Ginger ale

My favorite was the lemon lime twist. 
The kids didn't notice a difference, even asked if there was anymore!

I love the fact that there is no sugar or artificial ingredients. I love even more that there isn't any Carbs! With 4g of carbs per can, it's great to indulge guilt free in a fizzy drink every now and then!

Now I don't advocate drinking a case a day, excess of anything is never a good thing. 

I do advocate detoxing yourself from sugary sodas. Its a hard thing to do, trust me, I know.  

Stay Tuned and Stay Lovely
~ Product Junkie