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Saturday, June 1, 2013

4 Ingredient Ice Cream- lactose, sugar, gluten free

My quest to feed my family healthy, real food without all the preservatives and added unnecessary chemicals and GMO's that are wreaking havoc on our systems has lead to the creation of this delicious Ice Cream perfect for those looking for a Paleo, lactose, or gluten free alternative. Bonus? It's super easy to make and only has 4 whole, real ingredients!! 

We have been steadily enjoying our 1 ingredient Banana Ice cream for such a long time but missed the milky creaminess of a good full fat ice cream! 


2              Cans full fat Organic coconut milk (Reserve about 1/4c of coconut milk for later)
1/4           Cup of Honey, Agave nectar, Maple Syrup or liquid sweetener of your choice
1/4           Cup of Organic Raw Cocoa powder
1Tbsp.     Organic vanilla bean paste

That's it! 

Put it all in your blender and mix well

Once well blended and smooth, pour it into ice cube trays and freeze for 3/4 hours or overnight. you may notice some separation but that's okay it will all come together in the end :)

 Once the mixture is completely frozen, tap out the cubes into a food processor.  If you have difficulty releasing the cubes from the trays, just run a bit of warm water over the back and try again

While pulsing, gradually add small amounts of the reserved coconut milk to help process the frozen cubes and pour into a freezer save container and put in the freezer to set.. I used a Pyrex loaf pan

 Once your ice cream is set, in about 3 hours... Scoop and enjoy
I recommend letting it sit on the counter about 5 minutes before you start scooping:) 

Trust me ... They won't know the difference! 

You can also use this recipe but substitute the cocoa powder with a cup of frozen fruit, strawberries  and mangos, or omit and add and additional 1Tsp.of vanilla for plain old yummy vanilla ice cream! You can  add more or less sweetener depending on your taste.

Feed your family real food made with real whole food ingredients!


  1. Perfect for my father-in-law who loves ice cream but has dietary restrictions. Passing it along to my m-i-l.

  2. OMG that looks great! I am lactose intolerant and always looking some alternatives. I will definitely be trying this!