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Friday, November 16, 2012

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Day Ultra-Softening Lotion

Review: New Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days* Ultra-Softening Lotion

I was one of the lucky ones who scored a FPC (Free Product Coupon) from our friends at Garnier Canada. The Coupon arrived swiftly and off I went on my way to get my newest Product Fixxx. Once at the store, I had no problem locating the display and to my surprise, I noticed that the FPC was not for the smaller 250ml bottle as I expected, but for the larger 400ml size! PJH!! (Product Junki Heaven) At this particular location, only the Mango Oil and Shea Butter varieties were available. I chose to go with the Mango Oil, considering we are about to dive into the Cold Canadian winter season, I felt the need to add a little tropic into my routine.

The product description asks “Is this daily lotion right for me? Yes, if you feel the need to moisture your skin in the morning, or feel that your skin becomes quickly dehydrated throughout the day, leaving it dry and rough in texture” This definitely happens to me when the cold outdoor/dry indoor weather hits

Apparently this new innovation (probiotic L-Bifidus, commonly found in yogurts) protects skin and prevents moisture loss. Being infused with Luscious Mango Oil is luxurious, as it is known to soften and smooth skin (Ever have a Mango Pulp facial?)

This product claims to be:
Fast-absorbing, Weightless, silky, nourishing, non-greasy for Dry, Rough skin all while providing long-lasting hydration which can be felt up to 7 days*
(Study cited that after 4 weeks of use, this lotion is so intensely long-lasting that even if you stop using it at this point, the hydration will be felt and remain after 7 days from the last application)

This is a serious promise girls… that I will put to the test.
It also mentions that this lotion is formulated with natural-based ingredients that are selected to be in harmony with each skin type. Colorant free, dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

**note** this product is NOT to be used on the Face.

Advertized results:
Immediately, the skin will feel softer and smoothed. It will optimally hydrate the skin for a full 24 hours.
After only 7 days of use, dryness (49%), Roughness (25%) and Suppleness (+26%) will be improved * (clinical scoring done out of 40 subjects)

With all these nourishing, moisturizing notions running through my head, I could not wait to get home and indulge.

Overall review:
Being prone to having dry skin (Particularly on my Legs) I put it to the “Dry Run” test.

■ Observed Dry Run Results:
Immediately, my skin did feel softer and smoother. The lotion Scent lived up to the fruity Garnier standard, spread very easily, absorbed quickly and was in fact non-greasy. Compared to my non-treated leg, my skin looked brighter, had more color and well…Moisturized!

■ Results after claimed 24hrs:
When I examined my treated leg peridocally in the passing 24 hours, this lotion appeared to be keeping its promise. I started to detect a slight dryness appearing the next afternoon, round about the 18th hour mark.

We all know Lotions works better on clean damp skin, so that evening, I initiated the “Damp Run” test.

■ Observed Damp Run Results:
After a leisurely soak in a nice warm bath (Hot water does not help dry skin) I applied the lotion to my entire body.

■ Immediate Damp Run Results:
Again, my skin felt soft and smooth. The tropical sent was pleasing and lively, spread easily, absorbed quickly and was non-greasy. This time, my entire body felt luscious and Hydrated.

■ Results after 24hrs:
Not wanting to skew the results, I omitted my shower for the next day. To my surprise, my upper body reacted very well, was still nicely moisturized and pleasantly scented. My legs however, appeared to be slightly dry.

■ With continued use:
I continued to use the Garnier Body Intensive 7 Day Lotion on a daily basis. With continued use, there was a noticeable improvement in the Dryness, suppleness, and smoothness of my skin.

Would I buy this Lotion again (without a coupon) – Absolutely! I would wait for a sale, $7.99 price tag for 400ml is on the high side for this mom on a budget and as you know everything’s better with a coupon!

Would I recommend it to my friends and family?
You betcha! Undercover Product Junki definitely certifies this product*

Stay tuned and Stay lovely
- Undercover product junkie
**give me my fixxx**

*note that the opinions expressed in this blog are all mine and have only been influenced by personal use and evaluation of this product.

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