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Monday, June 17, 2013

Banana boat natural reflect kids SPF 50 review

I was lucky to be chosen to review this sunscreen, I received a full size product to use and review. I was not financially compensated, the review is mine from my own personal use of this product.

It took a bit for me to be able to test this out as we've been having some crappy weather here in SW Ontario lately! 

I was a bit disappointed to find that it does not have a scent, although some people prefer no scent, to me it's part of the summer experience! Not to worry, I wasn't about to let that get in the way!

This sunscreen is incredibly thick! It took me a bit of work to rub it in as my son is darker skinned but this also makes me feel that it's got superb protection!

This sunscreen repels water like no bodies business! Water beaded off my son like I hope the UVA/UVB rays did!

I did notice a whitish haze on my son especially when he got wet.  Not sure if that's because I didn't rub it in well enough but it is a thick product.

We spent the entire day in the sun at the splash pad and I reapplied once. I noticed it was easier to rub in during the 2nd application 

I can also attest to its claim of being year free and sting free as trying to apply it to a squirmy 23m old is quite tricky and he did rub his eye a bit when he had some on his hand but it didn't bother him and he didn't even cry when rubbed over his scathed elbow and knee from a fall a few weeks ago!! 

My son has got reactions from other brands of kids sunscreen and he had NO reaction to this one!!

One thing I will caution is that it does stain clothes/towels so use with caution!

Would I recommend this product? 
Absolutely! Although i will always choose an organic formula any day... It is more cost efficient then the other one we were using last season and no pimply reaction on my sons sensitive skin is all it takes to convince me! 

Stay Tuned & Stay Lovely
~ Product Junki Approved

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