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Monday, December 17, 2012

I broke and got a Keurig!

I have coveted these machines since they hit the market.  Not wanting to buy into the hype, I decided to wait and see which ones made the the mile before splurging. Keeping my trusty ol' drip multi-cup in use, and watching senselessly time after time pouring 1/2 the pot down the drain.

You see the only down side to owning in drip machine is that you have to make a full pot to get the taste right. Being the only steady coffee drinker in the house, only my eldest son partakes in the black gold when hes around (which is hardly ever):)

I finally make the decision to adopt one. But which one should I get?  Really it depends on your likes and lifestyle. I choose the Keurig as I'm more of a Coffee drinker, not so much a Latte, cappucino, mocalate type gal. Not that I don't like them I just like my coffee :).  Portability is also important to me. I wanted something that I can use my travel mug with and brew and go.  The Keurig special edition has a convenient removable tray that allows you to fit a fairly large travel mug as you can choose your cup size S, M or L, what other machine lets you do that??!

Unpacking and setting up the machine is a breeze, it does command a bit of counter space so my old coffee maker was banished to the garage (Product Storage room) to make room for my new love and love it I do.

In true Product Junki Style, I reached for my  Mug and got lost in the multi-pack of flavors that were included to try, elated to see one of my favorite coffee regions ...Jamacin me crazy! Mountain special roast  (YA MON *Shout out to all my Jamaican friends and fam!) I excitedly snapped the Kcup into place and set the machine on.  It took less than 2 minutes to brew my fresh cup of coffee after the machine had heated up and was ready.  I pressed the large cup setting to see how it would work with my travel mug. It filled it 3/4 of the way, trying to be the frugal gal I am, decided to add another small cup to see if I could get it full. Cautiously watching it was too much and would have over flowed had I not switched cups..oops... lol

Although I chose the large cup, the coffee did not taste diluted in the least bit. It was perfectly brewed and solidified my love for my shiny new fixxx.  

While I was contently enjoying the fruits of my labor my 16 year old came creeping into the kitchen, I must have had a look of bliss on my face as i cradled my hot mug of coffee. Noticing the new gadget on the counter he asks if it only makes coffee.  I quickly scanned my thought processes debating weather to disclose that it does not only make coffee. That there was a box of hot chocolate as well, and it does teas and much, much more than just coffee..

It makes hot chocolate too I let it out.. his eyes lit up, really? it does? how? Can I have some?
lovingly yet grudgingly, I open the box and demonstrate how to use it. in less than 2 minutes there was a steaming mug of hot cocoa just what a tall ravenous teenager needs after a long walk in the rain after basket ball practice.

I think he liked it as the mug was empty in his room later that evening

I'm still debating if I should tell Hubby it also brews green tea.. he's been on a green tea kick, and has gotten uppity about his tea, currently experimenting with loose leaf... perhaps we'll leave it that way for a bit ~

I am wholeheartedly excited to explore the array of flavors at my finger tips. Elated that I wont be wasting anymore half drunken pots of coffee and super exited to learn that there is a re-usable pod I can get that will allow me to use my own favorite blend and not have to spend too much money on pre-fabricated K-cups, which, I will still do and open my palate to the coffees of the world.

I know it's just the first day but I already can't wait to wake up tomorrow and play with it again.

 Keurig Special Edition is Product Junki approved.

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