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Monday, December 17, 2012

David's Tea timolino Leak-proof Travel Mug with infuser

Hubby is a big tea drinker and has recently delved into the world of loose leaf tea.  We purchased a pot infuser at our favorite Asian grocery store along with a package of true loose green tea and he was hooked.  Once he got the taste of the loose leaf, he does not look at bagged tea the same.  One thing about drinking loose leaf is that it can be messy and generally not something you'd think about traveling with.  That's all about to change.  David's Tea has a line of products designed to change the tea world. They have quite the selection! Some made out of glass with silicon sleeves ~ I bypassed that one as hubby can be quite hard on things and a glass tumbler would not last long! After inspecting a few different models, I chose to go with the timolino ($29.99) not as big as I would have liked for him but it looked very durable.  I also liked the fact that although small, this tumbler packs a lot of punch! it has an incorporated infuser you can use for loose leaf or *bagged* tea :) and the deciding factor for me was that the lid contained a little storage compartment, enough to hold another serving of loose leaf ~ Ingenious! Happy with my purchase I left the store thinking about how surprised he will be when he unwraps this at Christmas..........   Ya, I couldn't wait that long. Not seeing him enjoying this fabulous creation on our cold morning commute into work all the while drinking my morning *bagged* tea in my eco-friendly reusable tumbler, I broke and gave him his "early" Christmas present  boy was he surprised! Once I gave him the spec. lowdown he was truly impressed and vowed to put it to the test.

The next morning washed and ready, he loaded the basket with his carefully measured loose leaf and poured the boiled water in.  We noted that you can't expect to over pour the water as it is seeping through the quickly expanding loose leaf. You have to allow for a slow steady stream.  We also noted that it was difficult to tell when the timolino was full until the water welled up on top.  No big deal, poured some out.  While I was doing this hubby filled the storage container with another serving giddy to be able to have his favorite drink on hand all day at work.  
He said he got busy at work and forgot he had this with him the entire morning and 5 hours later when he went to drink from it... it was.... still.... HOT?!! He was blown away and sold on his new little friend.  He told me on the ride home from work that it is unbelievable that such a little tumbler stayed hot for so long, he thought it was going to be cold ~ and with no way to re-heat a stainless steel tumbler was disappointed.. until he opened it and sweet steam came rolling out much to his surprise.  He hadn't even had to use the extra stash of loose leaf that day.  Now, he carries it everywhere we go! As hard as he is on things, so far this tumbler has stood up to the test, it's manly.. you know, for a loose leaf tea tumbler ;) and has not leaked one bit into his bag.

Some like it hot ~ with Infuser and Lid
Ah, Timolino.  A design so slim and stylish you'd never guess its stainless steel walls conceal pure functionality.  There's the removable infuser, perfect for steeping loose or bagged tea. The vacuum-sealed double walls keep tea warm or cold for hours. So light, you can toss it in your bag and never feel it.  There's even a hidden compartment under the lit to store loose tea. 
Secret's out...

And this Product Junki is Jelly!! Second guessing myself for giving it to hubby and not coveting it for myself... but 'tis the season.  (To return the favor!!) I spied timolino in a nice pearly pink color that this junki would be tickled *Pink* to find under the tree..

David's Tea Timolino is Product Junki Approved!

All reviews are my own opinions and I have not been compensated for this post.

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