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Friday, May 1, 2009

First time blogger

I feel compelled to write up a quick synopsis of why I'm even doing this..
ever since my first Tinkerbell perfume (Chanel No.5 to a then 4 year old) and barbie nail polish (that annoyingly peeled off with the slightest touch) I have always wondered if there is anyone else out there who constantly buys into all these products that promise the world and have been severely disappointed.

I have also always wondered if there is anyone else out there who has dedicated every cupboard, closet, under sink space to toss these useless products and never see them again - I've designated this my "Product Grave Yard" (photos to come soon) and I'm positive there has to be thousands of you out there somewhere.

About a year ago I signed up to be on some focus panels whereas they send me products to try and give them my opinion, I thought well Great! Fantastic! I do this anyway so why not get the products for free??? I felt it was my moral duty to try this and see if it worked, and you know what?

it did.

I thought to myself.. now how can I have an impact on this? My opinions matter, I am a consumer who constantly gets sucked in to these unscrupulous marketing ploys and people all over the world have the right to know about it, so i started this blog.

I am new, never blogged before, not sure if I'm tarnishing blogging etiquette but i guess I'll learn along the way.

I recently received several more packages in the mail of new products that i am currently testing. I will update the blog once I've used the product to the point that it has influenced me for good or for bad. I will give it to you straight. No beefed up marketing campaign, no empty promises. Just me, the product, our relationship and you.

Being a mother to an adult, a teen and a toddler.. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that I hope will be of use to you! I have been there, done that and am doing it all over again!!

I will be reviewing all types of products, heath, beauty, baby, home, food, eco/green transitioning, travel as well as all the ups and downs of raising 3 generations of boys all under one roof!
This is my journey...

Stay tuned & Stay lovely

- Undercover Product Junkie
**Give me my fixxx**

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