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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Herbal Essence Hydralicious Shampoo and Conditioner

I received 10 coupons to test out the new Herbal Essence Hydralicious line
being the undercover product junkie that i am i ran right out with my greasy roots to the local 24 hour Shoppers and picked it up the Self-targeting shampoo and conditioner, dashed home to and jump in the shower...
**picture the old herbal essence commercials**
One things for sure Clairol's herbal essence brand product never lets you down in the scent category, Hydraclicious self-targeting shampoo and conditioner smells luscious or should i say licious?? .. the sent of red vanilla & whipped aloe is supposed to self-target your locks for smoothness in all the right places...if only i could find them..
sorry to say this combination was not right for my locks, it left them feeling more dry then the last time i used dish soap to wash my hair - only smelt 100% better..

Discouraged, i wasn't sure i even wanted to use this product line again and pawned the once used tubes of luscious disappointment off to friend instead of trying to find room in my over packed product closet graveyard.

A week went by and along the way i passed out the coupons to friends, acquaintances, and family members to try, I kept a set of coupons hoping i could sneak my favorite Herbal essence shampoo - long term relationship instead of the hydralicious brand ...the friend i gave the self-targeting set to called me up raving about the shampoo that it made her long thin combination hair feel and sell like an angel!
wow- just goes to show different strokes for different folks!
with all the rave reviews back from my friends and family i felt somehow let down life is so not fair!! and decided that i would give it one more try...
best thing i ever did!
This time i tried the reconditioning shampoo and conditioner (purple one) for dry/damaged hair (which mine is NOT) and those creamy swirls wrapped around and worked wonders on my locks!
I never considered my hair cursed (not as full as i would like perhaps) but not cursed with thirst, I'm not fraught with frizz or making a break! the reconditioning system fused with extracts of Shea, moisturizers & Hawaiian sea silk ravished and replenished my non- moisture -deprived strands so i can imagine how this would work on real dry brittle hair!

Overall review:
I would rate the new Herbal Essences Hydralicious product line a 4 out of 5 stars
beautiful eye grabbing packaging you can see the creamy swirls, as always great smell, I'm just not too sure about the problem classification
Would i buy the reconditioning shampoo and conditioner again? Absolutely! It will be a regular in my shower that's for sure
Friends and family: Of the 3 set's of coupon's i gave out, and one once used set, all said they would absolutely purchase this product again.

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